Articles On Collaboration

Imagine it: Big Ideas For 21st Century Skills And Collaboration

The people at Imagine It have the awesome mission to inspire people to imagine the world a better place and then get involved to solve global challenges. I see it as a wonderful tool for teachers to help develop twenty-first century skills and implement project based learning in the classroom.Imagine It also holds a lot of potentional for inspirational professional development for educators! Imagine It makes such opportunities possible by providing production of multi-platform media content, including documentary series, film shorts and video clips to help teachers and studentsImagine It! Such titles as Global Challenges Need to be Solved , The Need for Innovation is Now, There’s Power in Big Ideas in Action, and To Remind You that One Person (that would be //you//) Can Make a Difference are thought provoking and motivational. I was inspired by the numerous video clips in both of the Post It Challenges. Titles such as Creativity, Change Makers, Connectivity, and Collaboration are perfect for opening up conversations that encourage Twenty-First Century learning. (Read the rest from 21centeryedtech .)

Time For Your Take: And Interactive Tool That Promotes The Wisdom Of The Crowd

Once in a while a truly unique site is created that promotes genuine 21st Century Skills using technology. A site that provides tools that assist students in reflecting, questioning, collaborating, thinking globally, gathering facts, analyzing, and seeking solutions is currently available for free!Your Takedemonstrates the true power found in a group working together. Students must learn thos process if they are to successfully compete in the global world of the 21st Century. Your Take, an effort made possible by the Tregoe Education Forum, can be found at The site emphasizes that a real key to success inside and outside the classroom is the ability to think critically and go beyond grades. (Read the rest from 21centuryedtech )

Collaboration A 21st Century Skill: Three Free Sites To Help Students Understand Collaboration

This first paragraph contains reflections on the definition of collaboration, if you wish to go to links that help students understand collaboration. If not, go on to the second paragraph. Collaboration is a Twenty-First Century Skill. It is also a process and that all students need to experience it in order to fully comprehend its potential. Wikipedia defines collaboration as “a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together in an intersection of common goals — for example, an intellectual endeavor that is creative in nature —by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus”. In the definition, the word recursive is found. The definition of recursive involves the idea of an “infinite statement using finite components” Looking at collaboration in this sense sure makes collaboration sound a lot more powerful! The definition ends with the idea of sharing knowledge, learning, and building consensus. Most teachers have the sharing portion down pretty well, and is inspiring to note the learning component. What is most impressive, but possibly underused, is the last concept of building consensus! (Read The rest from 21centuredtech in order to discover the three free sites)